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Crossing Over

Have you ever heard someone say “she went into the light”? As a child I was taught that if you’re good you will go to Heaven when you die and if you’re bad you will go somewhere else. Well I do believe that when you die your spirit goes somewhere but it’s not as cut… Continue reading Crossing Over

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Two Spirit’s Needed My Help This Week

So apparently Mercury is in retrograde? I have been hearing about it constantly; I’m talkin’ everyone from facebook friend’s to commercials on TV! I’m not exactly sure I understand what it means, I just know it has something to do with how people feel and act. I can confirm that people (myself included) have been a bit moodier and… Continue reading Two Spirit’s Needed My Help This Week

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Getting Rid of the Negative!

Well hellooooooo there class, today’s lesson will be on cleansing the home. No I am not going to tell you how to dust or clean your toilets…which speaking of my house could use a good ol’ scrubbin’. I am going to tell you how to cleanse your home of negative and unwanted energy. First some… Continue reading Getting Rid of the Negative!

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Spirit Guides, What are They?

Do you ever find yourself totally involved in a conversation with….yourself? Until I discovered this gift I thought I was crazy because I would have CONSTANT conversations  inside my head; legit thought I was a looney tune so I just kept it to myself. I used to have disagreements, conversations, and even joke with myself all… Continue reading Spirit Guides, What are They?

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The First Time I Used a Pendulum

This weekend I was relaxing on the couch with the hubby; Baby-boo was napping, it was just your casual chilly and cold Saturday afternoon. I had planned to just catch up on our shows, snuggle with the dogs, and just chillllllll. Basically I wasn’t up for anything that took any amount of energy. I am… Continue reading The First Time I Used a Pendulum

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What is Automatic Writing?

If you’ve been to my site I’m sure you know by now that I love to give readings. It’s my way of paying it forward and thanking the Universe for this amazing gift (although I do believe we all have it in some form). Intuitive readings can help you heal wounds you didn’t even know you… Continue reading What is Automatic Writing?

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Acceptance and Grief. Why We Need To Let Go…

Last night I had a really cool experience that I am super excited to write about when the time is right. Today isn’t the day BUT this experience has helped me to hear even more clearly…pure awesomeness! Remember in my article What Is That Smell where I explained that sometimes a spirit let’s us know they are near by the… Continue reading Acceptance and Grief. Why We Need To Let Go…