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An Emotionally Charged Message

The more readings I do the clearer the message and the clearer the image. Lately I have been seeing flashes of light, energy in the air, and spirit around the clock. It’s wonderful and I absolutely love it! I am truly so thankful for this gift. With clarity comes stronger messages, sometimes these are messages… Continue reading An Emotionally Charged Message

Readings Recalled

The Skeptical One.

A few weeks ago I did a reading for someone who was pretty skeptical, as a matter of fact it was the first thing I picked up on. This made me a little nervous┬ábecause thus far all the people I have read have been totally open to receiving the information. Looking back I now realize… Continue reading The Skeptical One.

Readings Recalled

Connecting a Mother to Her Deceased Son

I have this amazing friend who has really been spreading the word about me lately. I am serious y’all she has been sending me so many reading requests, I have almost had trouble keeping up; it’s been great! I really love connecting people to spirit, it’s a chance for them to speak to their loved… Continue reading Connecting a Mother to Her Deceased Son

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Right in the feels. A reading for a friend.

I have this new friend, we will call her “Kami.” I met her about two months ago, she is a wonderful soul. I go to a oneness meditation every now and then and she approached me after it was over and invited me to her house to craft. (Who doesn’t love to craft??) Normally I… Continue reading Right in the feels. A reading for a friend.