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My Story – Part 4

  There are going to be quite a few “parts” to my story because, well I’m still writing it. It started 27 years ago so it’s hard to condense it all into one post! You may find that many of my experiences have to do with my grandparents and that is because their loss was the… Continue reading My Story – Part 4

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Getting Rid of the Negative!

Well hellooooooo there class, today’s lesson will be on cleansing the home. No I am not going to tell you how to dust or clean your toilets…which speaking of my house could use a good ol’ scrubbin’. I am going to tell you how to cleanse your home of negative and unwanted energy. First some… Continue reading Getting Rid of the Negative!

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My Story – Part 3

In part 2 I told you about the situation with the attic door and my grandmother. That experience changed my life…although I didn’t know it at the time. From then on I became even more fascinated with psychic’s, ghosts, and the afterlife. I started doing more research, watching TV shows about such things, and unknowingly I started… Continue reading My Story – Part 3

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Do Certain Types of Spirit Come to You More Often? There’s a Reason for That!

Do Certain Types of Spirits Come to You More Often? There’s a Reason for That! Normally my articles are light-hearted, semi-humorous, down to Earth, how to’s and explanations about intuitive abilities and development. Today’s article is going to be slightly different but very personal to me. In the past two years I have done tons… Continue reading Do Certain Types of Spirit Come to You More Often? There’s a Reason for That!

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Soul Contracts. What Are They?

Did you know you choose your parents? What about your life events…even the bad ones? Yep, you choose those too! Did you know that we make contracts with the people in our lives before we ever come here? This may sound a little far fetched…it did to me at first too, but by the end of this… Continue reading Soul Contracts. What Are They?

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From Misery to Love

Light, Love, and Spirit; what do I actually mean by that? Well today’s post is going to elaborate a little bit . I chose the name Light, Love, and Spirit because it pretty much reflects the three things that I try to let guide my life. I spent many years being negative and dark and miserable trying… Continue reading From Misery to Love

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I Have A Confession….

Okay my dear, lovely, understanding readers….I have a confession to make, I haven’t been completely honest with you. It’s nothing big and once I explain I’m sure you will understand but my name isn’t what I initially told you… it’s Ashley. GASP! I never meant to betray anyone’s trust but the thing is I was afraid.… Continue reading I Have A Confession….