Sensing Spirit

Crossing Over

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Have you ever heard someone say “she went into the light”? As a child I was taught that if you’re good you will go to Heaven when you die and if you’re bad you will go somewhere else. Well I do believe that when you die your spirit goes somewhere but it’s not as cut and dry as you would think.

During a reading I had someone come through that needed some help crossing over, since I was fairly new to all of this I was very hesitant. The medium I was on the phone with explained to me that sometimes spirits get stuck on Earth and just need a little help crossing over.

When a person dies unexpectedly they can become confused and they may not even know they are stuck here; this can be very frustrating for them! If someone dies of a self-inflicted death, they may be angry and feel guilty and thus become stuck. Another reason a spirit gets stuck is because they simply don’t know how to cross over. I have found that those who do not believe in a higher energy have a more difficult time. This was true for my grandfather, he was a very scientific man and didn’t believe there was a higher power. When I was connected with him he said he was in the dark, he was alone, and he was very scared. He eventually crossed over but he had a few things to learn first.

Not all spirits cross over immediately either, I’ve heard multiple times that they still have some loose ends to tie up. This could be visiting a family member they haven’t seen in a long time, comforting grieving loved ones, or simply taking their time. It’s their choice to cross over and they can pick the timing.

Helping spirit cross over 

I’ve helped quite a few spirits crossover now and every time it’s been pretty much the same. I reassure them that it’s okay for them to go, I tell them they are loved, I tell them it’s okay to forgive themselves for whatever it is that is holding them here. I call in their guides and ask them for assistance and sometimes (depending on who it is) I ask my guides and loved ones to help assist in their transition.

If it doesn’t work, that’s okay too! I had one spirit that kept visiting and I kept trying; he was always so angry! I eventually told him that if he was going to accept my help then fine but if not he was not welcome anymore…he FINALLY accepted my help and I am proud to say he is a much happier camper now. Told ya so!

So let’s recap real quick!

  • Reassure them it is okay to cross over, there is nothing but love on the other side!
  • Tell them they are loved by many and remind them to love themselves!
  • Call in support for them (and for you)!
  • Feel their joy and thank everyone that was involved in the process!
  • Pat yourself on the back, good job!

So there ya have it folks, a little tidbit on getting them to the other side!










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