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Connecting a Mother to Her Deceased Son

I have this amazing friend who has really been spreading the word about me lately. I am serious y’all she has been sending me so many reading requests, I have almost had trouble keeping up; it’s been great! I really love connecting people to spirit, it’s a chance for them to speak to their loved… Continue reading Connecting a Mother to Her Deceased Son

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Do Certain Types of Spirit Come to You More Often? There’s a Reason for That!

Do Certain Types of Spirits Come to You More Often? There’s a Reason for That! Normally my articles are light-hearted, semi-humorous, down to Earth, how to’s and explanations about intuitive abilities and development. Today’s article is going to be slightly different but very personal to me. In the past two years I have done tons… Continue reading Do Certain Types of Spirit Come to You More Often? There’s a Reason for That!

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Spirit Guides, What are They?

Do you ever find yourself totally involved in a conversation with….yourself? Until I discovered this gift I thought I was crazy because I would have CONSTANT conversations  inside my head; legit thought I was a looney tune so I just kept it to myself. I used to have disagreements, conversations, and even joke with myself all… Continue reading Spirit Guides, What are They?

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The First Time I Used a Pendulum

This weekend I was relaxing on the couch with the hubby; Baby-boo was napping, it was just your casual chilly and cold Saturday afternoon. I had planned to just catch up on our shows, snuggle with the dogs, and just chillllllll. Basically I wasn’t up for anything that took any amount of energy. I am… Continue reading The First Time I Used a Pendulum

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What is Automatic Writing?

If you’ve been to my site I’m sure you know by now that I love to give readings. It’s my way of paying it forward and thanking the Universe for this amazing gift (although I do believe we all have it in some form). Intuitive readings can help you heal wounds you didn’t even know you… Continue reading What is Automatic Writing?

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Soul Contracts. What Are They?

Did you know you choose your parents? What about your life events…even the bad ones? Yep, you choose those too! Did you know that we make contracts with the people in our lives before we ever come here? This may sound a little far fetched…it did to me at first too, but by the end of this… Continue reading Soul Contracts. What Are They?

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From Misery to Love

Light, Love, and Spirit; what do I actually mean by that? Well today’s post is going to elaborate a little bit . I chose the name Light, Love, and Spirit because it pretty much reflects the three things that I try to let guide my life. I spent many years being negative and dark and miserable trying… Continue reading From Misery to Love