Hey! I’m Ashley and I am just an ordinary girl with a pretty awesome gift! I can see, hear, and feel a lot of things that many people can’t. I am a psychic medium. I know if you don’t know about this type of thing it can seem pretty strange but I promise, it’s actually pretty cool!

About two years ago my gifts really started opening up and I had no clue what was happening! “Am I going crazy? Do I need meds? What are these crazy dreams about?” Finally I had enough and decided I needed to figure this out! I started studying, researching, meditating, and even talked to another psychic medium.

Turns out I wasn’t crazy at all! I just had loved ones trying to get in touch with me, how cool is that?

So that is why I am starting this blog, I want to help others who are like me. I want you to know you’re not crazy! Here I will share my experiences, my tips, and just blog about my life as a psychic medium.

Thanks for stopping by!

Light, Love, and Spirit,



15 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello, Paige! Nice to meet you. I look forward to hearing more from you – there are many people who don’t believe in this sort of thing. Personally, I struggle to believe but can’t quite disbelieve either; it’s a battle, but one that I don’t mind being a part of. I look forward to seeing how your words will affect how I feel about this topic — I love things that make me think!

    Thanks for sharing! 🙂


    1. Thank you so much for checking it out! That is exactly what this is here for! My hope is to help open some minds and maybe ease some of the discomfort around the subject. It’s not scary like a lot of people think….in fact it is quite the opposite, it’s all about love!

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  2. Hi paige we met at a oneness blessing , I’m a friend of kylies and she shared with me how you helped bring her some clarity and how spot on you were! I would love if you could give me a go I would love to hear what my spirit guides and angels have to say I feel a lot of shift going on within myself


    1. Hi Briana! I remember you and would absolutely love to give you a reading! If you click on the schedule a reading tab at the top of my blog it will take you to my Etsy store and from there we can pick a date and time that works for both of us! I am so excited to connect with you and your guides and appreciate the endorsement from Kylie!!


  3. Hi Ashley! Such a great website! I just got finished reading the second story about you not knowing you are a medium. Not only can I relate with that, but at the same age we both were takeing care of our grandmothers. That post definitely hit my heart. Thank you:) I can’t wait to see more.

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    1. Thank you so much for your comment. I love that this resonated with you so much and looking back what a privilege it was to take care of our Grandmother’s right? Very thankful for your comment!!


  4. Hi, am esther I love your article though am not psychic but instead am looking for help, 6 years down the road my baby daddy has been missing, I would like some answers about his whereabouts and how he can get back home please help me


    1. Hi Esther, I am so sorry to hear this! Just three days ago I was talking to someone about detective work and mediumship abilities. I don’t find it any coincidence that you’re reaching out to me after that conversation. I can’t make any promises as this would be a new type of reading for me but I would love to see what your guides and spirit team have to say about this! If you’re interested in getting a reading with me you can follow this link! http://lightloveandspirit.com/product/intuitive-reading-full-session/


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